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Safety Notice for International Students of QFNU


This is to stipulate the Notice by School of International Education hereinafter as per the laws and rules of the People’s Republic of China, and the rules of Qufu University of Political Science and Law, in order to keep good order at the university, protect the international students’ personal safety and ensure they can accomplish their schooling smoothly.


International Students studying at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law should abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and respect the social customs of the Chinese people.


Residence permit, its change, extension and other formalities must be settled timely in accordance with relevant provisions of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Jining Public Security Bureau.


The off-campus international students shall go through registration formalities with local police station and register with the international student office, pay attention to traffic security, fire safety and personal and property safety.


Pay attention to the fire safety. High-power appliances and open-fire appliances are all prohibited in the dormitory rooms. It is also prohibited to store any inflammable, explosive and toxic items.


Take care of fire-fighting equipment. The operate appliance and wire connection are kept from breaking, disassembling or refitting.


It is strictly prohibited to engage in activities banned by laws and school rules. The students cannot rent your room or lend your room card to other people and invite others staying overnight.


Secure doors and windows when leaving your room; do not simply give your room key to somebody else to avoid unauthorized duplication.


Properly keep your personal belongings safe. Deposit surplus cash in a bank; do not leave your valuables carelessly at public places like classrooms and libraries.

九、换汇一定要去银行,不要在私人商店或个人处换汇。在非正式营业点换汇是违法行为。Do go to a bank for currency exchange; do not exchange currency with a private store or an individual. Currency exchange with an unauthorized store is an unlawful act.


Keep the study area, such as the teaching zone and library quiet. Do not speak loudly or play music and TV in high volume. Smoking is prohibited in non-smoking area.


o take a taxi, do choose one affiliated to an accredited taxi firm.


Pay attention to safety when getting out by bus or bike. It is strictly prohibited to carry someone else while biking.


International students who drive automobiles to the university must apply for a pass from the university security office.


The purchase and use of motor vehicle without license are prohibited. It is also strictly prohibited to drive a motor vehicle without license, driving a car rapidly after drinking.


Discharging fireworks near dormitory buildings or in campus is strictly prohibited.


Swimming at non-accredited swimming places like river, lake and reservoir is strictly prohibited. Do not tour around a place in threatening natural conditions.


Gambling, excessive drinking, physical assaulting, and any other behavior that disrupts the university's educational research and life order are strictly prohibited.


Prostitution, whoring, drug taking and trafficking and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.


It is strictly prohibited to engage in tutors, tutors, teachers and other paid work.


Missionary activities and religious gatherings are not carried out in schools.